Custom Auto Services in La Grande, OR

We also have some miscellaneous services

Integrity Automotive provides many more services than basic auto repairs in La Grande, OR. We also have some miscellaneous services that can also help you with your vehicle. They include services such as:

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Remote Starter Installation

one of the latest vehicular technologies

Remote starters are one of the latest vehicular technologies. They allow a vehicle owner to start the car from a remote location instead of going outside their home or job to get in the car physically. Many people love the concept of remote starters because of the winter’s low temperatures and the sun’s overwhelming heat in the summer. With a remote starter, you can start your car and have the HVAC system neutralize the temperature, all while you stay inside your office, shopping mall, or home.

Having one of these systems in your vehicle could mean you can save time and money and remain comfortable at all times.

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Lift and Leveling Kit Installation

we can help you personalize your vehicle

A lift or leveling kit can help you personalize your vehicle and add your unique personality. Our site has techs who can install lift and leveling kits and other accessories, such as special lighting and aftermarket products. We can also do other miscellaneous work that we may not have mentioned. For example, we may be able to install other types of equipment. Contact us and speak with one of our experts before you seek assistance elsewhere. The number of services we offer might surprise you.

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Tips and Education

visit frequently to learn more

We also offer educational materials, tips, and tricks so vehicle owners can learn and help preserve their vehicles. You can browse our pages for helpful information about tires and wheels, part replacement, fluid swaps, and safety on the road.

You might also find information about how you can extend the life of your car past 10 years.

The information in this particular section continues to grow each day. Thus, you can visit frequently to learn more about the topics mentioned.

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Integrity is the number one benefit

You should now know what we can offer you if you choose to do business with us. Integrity is the number one benefit of letting us help you, but you’ll also get five-star customer service, professionalism, affordable pricing, and quality work. It’s tough to get that winning combination anywhere else. You can contact us by dialing (541) 975-2220 or fill out one of our online forms.

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